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Who We Are

Vespa Metro was inspired by our sincere passion for Vespa scooters. As Vespa riders ourselves, we were compelled to share the countless benefits and unparalleled enjoyment of owning a scooter with Metro Vancouver.

We believe in saving lots of money on insurance, gas and parking. We believe in an environmentally responsible Vancouver with less traffic congestion, reduced oil consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions. And we most definitely believe in looking stylish and having lots of fun!

Our goal is to provide Metro Vancouverites with an easily accessible, boutique-style atmosphere that is relaxed and informative. As such, our young and friendly team strives to provide each visitor with an educational and enjoyable Vespa experience. We take pride in offering an exceptional level of customer service, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and affordable pricing.

We also realize the importance of standing behind the products we sell. That's why we've built Metro Vancouver's largest dedicated scooter service department. We know you don't want to wait weeks to have your scooter serviced so we've built a service centre designed to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

We believe that riding a scooter is one of life's most enjoyable experiences; your visit to Vespa Metro should be no different.