Sprint 150 3V

The brand new Vespa Sprint is the most sporty and dynamic Vespa small-body scooter available. Its name recalls concepts which are intimately tied to the sporty Vespas of the 60s and 70s. The new Vespa Sprint embodies the heritage of the fastest and most youthful Vespas, providing the same essential and indispensable elements that made it so successful with young people such as the sport design saddle and the rectangular headlight, details which the Vespa Sprint shares today.

The Vespa Sprint 150 is equipped with an ABS braking system, a further technical advancement aimed at increasing safety. The locking up of the front wheel during intense braking or due to slippery asphalt is generally the most significant hazard for motorbike and scooter riders and passengers. The adoption of the ABS antilock braking system is triggered precisely to prevent this danger, making the ride pleasant and entirely safe.

Compared to the Vespa S (the model which the Vespa Sprint replaced), the body is 36% more rigid and the longitudinal flexion has increased by an incredible 154%. Vespa Sprint has also introduced a new type of front suspension which provides a completely redesigned system capable of cutting sliding friction in half, increasing riding comfort and the ability to absorb bumps in the road.

Other features:
-12" diameter front and rear wheels (largest on the small-frame range to date)
-New Enhanced Sliding Suspension (ESS) improves handling and rider comfort
-Refined saddle design in black for comfort and style
-Squared headlight with distinctive handlebar cover and speedo design
-A totally new all-steel chassis featuring improved strength and rigidity with no weight increase
-A new engine mount design that reduces vibration up to 40% over previous models
-Contoured footboard enhances rider comfort when stopped with straighter leg to ground reach
-Longer wheel base, now 1340 mm (1290 mm LX), for significantly improved road handling
-Large under-seat storage – now 16.6 litres (LX 14.5L)
-Improved handlebar to seat distance, providing a more comfortable seated position
-Side stand with engine safety cut-out switch
-Class-leading security coded key immobiliser
-All new electronic digital and analogue speedo
-New styling takes cues from the amazing 946 design

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