GTS 300 Super Sport

The Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE is a blend of character and performance. The 300 cc electronic injection engine brings out maximum performance, whether in the city or on country roads. The graphics along the side of the rear fairing and the sport saddle with white piping complete the sporty look of the Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE. The Satin Black finish rounds out the look nicely, giving the Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE a masculine, modern aesthetic.

The shield - the steel essence of the Vespa - is distinguished by distinctive design elements: the right side now sports a large grille with horizontal slots, a reference to the most stylish Vespas of the past.  From the front or the side, no scooter is as unique as the Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE.

The 300 cc engine delivers extraordinary urban vehicle performances, characterized by high torque levels (22.3 Nm) reached at lower engine speeds (5,250 rpm). On-road traction and pickup from low speeds provide a confidence in urban commuting that never goes out of style.

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