GTS 300 HPE ABS Notte Edition

 Vespa GTS 300 HPE ABS/ASR Notte Edition

NEW ENGINE - 300 HPE (High Performance Engine), the New HPE unit delivers a claimed 23.8 hp at 8,250 rpm while peak torque is increased by a whopping 18 percent ;-)

New Engine Features
+ New Head features larger and more accurately profiled inlet and exhaust ports
+ New Valves (3mm larger in diameter)
+ New Redesigning the SOHC valve train
+ New CVT transmission has been refined in its centrifugally actuated automatic clutch and the dimensioning of the belt and related expansible pulleys

+ New Dedicated Matt Black/Black Piping saddles
+ New Aluminium Alloy 12-inch wheels with Shinny Black painted.
+ New Black Muffler Cover
+ New Bright Black Shield Frame
+ New Bright Black Mirrors

Colour:Matte Black

- Powerful and fuel-efficient 278cc engine
- Perfect for the inner city dweller or the highway commuter
- Monocoque Frame creates unmatched confidence and performance
- Front and Rear ABS Hydraulic Disc Brakes
- 12" Front and Rear Wheels for Superb Handling
- Standard, ASR Traction Control

Comes with 2 year warranty. Please call us for details.

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