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Since your scooter is a registered motor vehicle, it does require insurance in order to take it on the road. We make the transition off the lot of our dealership as simple as possible by having an insurance agent available to you at the point of pick-up. We simply ask for a 1 hour advance notice of pick-up, so we can be sure to have an agent available for you in plenty of time.

The second most common question in our shop is, “How much will insurance cost me?” The answer is straightforward if you are purchasing a 49.9cc (aka 50cc) scooter; it will cost around $50 a month.

If you are insuring an scooter over 50cc’s, ICBC takes into effect your driving record and your rates are adjusted accordingly on an individual basis.

Another option to keep costs low, is to register for private insurance beyond the basic ICBC coverage.